About Us

The Village Summit is a “Micro-Community Center”

A previously foreclosed house, transformed into a valuable resource for the neighborhood.  Our mission is focused on helping children in the community and building bonds between community members through volunteerism and personal service.
Our goal is improving the quality of life through education, social consciousness, and access to information and other valued resources.
People without transportation can access support that they could not normally reach. Neighbors in the area are excited about the idea of having a resource where children can get help with homework and tutoring within walking distance.
Our Services Include:
  • A Safe, Peaceful, Positive Place
  • Computer, Internet, and Fax access
  • Tutoring and Mentoring
    • Tutoring services include basic computer skills, and academic subjects for students that need help. Mentoring for neighborhood children is also offered.
  • Books and Writing Literacy
    • We are always trying to inspire! we encourage contemplating, reading, writing, composing and creating. We have a library of books on-site and also free books available to takeaway.
  • Special Activities
    • We will organize special activities in the summer, spring break, and other school breaks to give students access to opportunities and events.
  • Field Trips
    • We will organize field trips to places like MSU, hiking, and fishing
  • Atelier Space
    • As an additional service available to teachers, educators, poets, artists, and writers a free ‘atelier’ will be available for workshops or seminars.
  • Resume and Job Tips
    • Parents can work on resumes or get help with finding jobs and filling out applications.
  • Guest Speakers
    • We will invite visiting dentists, doctors, lawyers, counselors, and other specialty experts to give talks and provide instruction.
  • Community Garden
    • To share the harvest of tomatoes, peppers, and greens from our garden, plus teaching people how to can and get more healthy. Thank you to the Greater Lansing Food Bank for their support to our community garden.